El alcalde Daniel Quintero expuso la estrategia de empleo inclusivo ante 96 mandatarios del mundo

Reactivating the economy, creating new, green jobs in businesses that protect the environment, Medellin becoming a Software Valley for the world and focusing on STEM education (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics), were some of the main points highlighted by mayor Daniel Quintero a new encounter with the C40 network recovery task force, that gathered 96 leaders from around the world.

The C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group connects 96 of the biggest cities around the world to undertake bold climatic action, that will lead the way towards a healthy and sustainable future.

The Recovery Task Force mid-term report was presented during this meeting: “C40 Mayors’ Agenda on what a Green and Just Recovery means”, made by the 11 mayors that form the recovery board for COVID-19, C40’s “Global Mayors COVID-19 Recovery Task Force”.

The report is focused on three interest areas:

  • Jobs and an Inclusive Economy: The speedy creation of new jobs, supporting essential workers and allowing a just transition.
  • Resilience and Equity: providing municipal utilities for all, focusing on a just society and a strong economy, resilient to future shocks.
  • Health and Wellbeing: returning spaces to people and nature; rethinking and reclaiming our streets, cleaning our air and creating local and habitable communities.

“As C40 mayors, we must act as entrepreneurial governments, taking initiative in the creation of new and good green jobs, supporting and recognizing essential workers and ensuring that needed skills and training are available so that workers -in particular those in polluting industries- can pass on directly into employments opportunities in sectors of the future” said Quintero during the session.

For the executive director of ACI Medellin, Eleonora Betancur, “it is an honor that Medellin’s mayor was the representative for this meeting on inclusive employment, presenting the strategy implemented by the city before 96 mayors from around the world. In addition, the report that will delivered will become a guide for the momentum needed for Medellin’s recovery after the crisis caused by COVID-19”.

Informative context:

In April of 2020, the mayors that form part of C40 launched the Global Mayors COVID-19 Recovery Task Force, with the goal of achieving an economic and social recovery from COVID-19, that will allow people to go back to their jobs, preventing climate collapse from becoming an even greater crisis and stopping global economy.

The mid-term report displays the collective vision of mayors on behalf of a green and just recovery and the values shared to achieve this, including the measures taken by cities and that will continue to be taken, the actions from the whole C40 network and their calling to national and regional governments and financial institutions. This report will be available to the public as of July 15th.

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