Indra, one of the main global technology and consulting companies in Colombia and in the world, is now part of the Medellín innovation and business center, Ruta N, contributing to the quality of life of city’s inhabitants through the use of technology, science and innovation. Indra’s Smart 4.0 Center of Excellence will work to provide solutions to the new challenges and needs facing the cities of the future.

Indra will settle in Ruta N to join the city’s digital ecosystem, which will allow it to work closely on technological innovation projects.

“We are happy with the arrival of our Smart 4.0 Center of Excellence to Ruta N. With this new project, we will continue to develop innovative technologies that adapt and respond to the needs of citizens, governments and companies. We will work hard to provide knowledge and offer solutions with an approach that will have repercussions in the city and in other regions of the country, ”said Fernando Ayala, Indra’s CEO in Colombia.

Here, the company, through its subsidiary Minsait, will implement and create new solutions with innovative technologies such as artificial intelligence, the internet of things and big data that adapt and respond to the needs of citizens, governments and Business.

“Indra arrives at Ruta N to be an active part of the Medellín Science, Technology and Innovation ecosystem. It is, without a doubt, a commitment to building a Medellín Software Valley hand in hand with the academy, the private and public sector and the community. This is the one of the city’s commitments that will allow us to promote better employment conditions, a comprehensive digital transformation and a territory in which entrepreneurship is natural ”, said Javier Darío Fernández Ledesma, executive director of Ruta N.

Indra will be present at Ruta N to work closely on technology projects that interest the city and in which data management is the key to solving problems such as the environment, energy, urban mobility, health, safety, leisure , tourism, among others.

“Indra is growing with Colombia, it’s contributing to the technological transformation of the country’s regions, to the creation and training of qualified talent and it is the type of efficiency investment that we promote for the economic reactivation and competitiveness of the country. We celebrate this new expansion that reflects Indra’s investor confidence in our territory, ”said Flavia Santoro, president of ProColombia.

With the arrival of the Smart 4.0 Center of Excellence to Ruta N, Indra hopes to make a significant contribution to improving the living conditions of citizens and the sustainable growth of the economy.

On their end part, for ACI Medellín, the installation of a Smart 4.0 Center of Excellence in the Software Valley is a relevant fact that demonstrates the trust that Indra, a world-class company, places in the city. Additionally, these investments allow the generation of new jobs and reactivate the economy at a time when the world is facing a great crisis due to COVID-19.

Smart Cities and Innovative Technologies

The new challenges imposed on cities in relation to their citizens and the way in which they interact with their environment, due to episodes such as the recent coronavirus pandemic, make technology reinvent and develop solutions to specific problems. At that point, Indra’s Smart 4.0 Center of Excellence not only presents itself as an ally for innovation in Medellín, but also materializes through Minsait, Indra’s leading company in digital transformation consulting and Information Technology in Latin America and Spain, its interest in research and development with tools based on the integration of advanced technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things and Big Data.

Large cities require adequate and expert treatment of the information they collect about the behavior of citizens who occupy their territory against multiple factors such as banking, the environment, education, transport, etc. The use of Big Data is key in the processing of said information with a view to integration and analysis to give a prediction response on certain situations.

For its part, Artificial Intelligence makes it possible for the solutions developed to have a greater impact as they are better managed by non-corruptible software and with greater precision and reliability. Traffic management is a perfect example of the fusion between AI and Big Data in search of increasingly safer, faster and more sustainable mobility in cities. These tools can be configured to serve any other type of environment, be it medical, political, democratic, etc.

Indra hopes to make a significant contribution to improving the living conditions of citizens and the sustainable growth of the economies of their cities through the development of innovative and useful technology. In this way, the Smart 4.0 Center of Excellence aims to be able to become a space in which the research and development of new technological solutions, together with public and private entities, academia and local enterprises, positively impact life and the environmental, economic and social development of Medellín and Colombia; and therefore, contribute to improve their levels of productivity and growth.

Indra ratifies their commitment to the growth of Medellín, the epicenter of several of the latest technology projects that the company has carried out in Colombia and with which it has generated more than 1,300 jobs in the region.

Indra in Colombia actively promotes the generation of quality employment in the country’s technology sector. An example of this are the more than 1,300 professionals hired by the company, in the last year in the city of Medellín, who work on the implementation of new projects based on solutions that benefit different sectors of the economy. Projects such as the implementation of intelligent systems for the control of tunnels and tolls in the Eastern Tunnel, allowing the longest tunnel in Latin America to be safer and more efficient. Likewise, Indra implemented the complete collection system in the Ayacucho tram and has managed access control with its technology in the pioneering intermodal public transport system in Medellín.

About Indra in Colombia

Present in the country for more than 20 years, Indra is one of the main technology companies in Colombia. It has more than 3,000 professionals and offices in the cities of Bogotá, Barranquilla and Medellín, as well as a Delivery Center (Software Production Center) in Pereira, a Cloud Center of Excellence in Bucaramanga and a Cybersecurity Center in Bogotá. The company is part of some of the key innovative projects for technological development in Colombia in the Transport & Defense, and Information Technology (IT) sectors through its subsidiary Minsait.

About Indra

Indra ( is one of the world’s leading global technology and consulting companies and the technology partner for key business operations of its clients around the world. It is a leading global provider of proprietary solutions in specific segments of the Transport and Defense markets, and a leading company in digital transformation and Information Technology consulting in Spain and Latin America through its subsidiary Minsait. Its business model is based on a comprehensive offer of its own products, with an end-to-end approach, of high value and with a high component of innovation. At the end of the 2019 financial year, Indra had income of 3,204 million euros, more than 49,000 employees, a local presence in 46 countries and commercial operations in more than 140 countries.

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