United States ―  Fort Lauderdale has proclaimed November 21 as Medellín Day. The city honors Medellín on the 56th anniversary of their agreement of friendship and cultural, economic, social and political exchange.

Among the exchange activities, both cities have signed a memorandum of understanding between the Florida Atlantic University and the National University of Colombia, Medellín headquarters; also, there has been several cooperation activities between the Fort Lauderdale Fire Department and the Administrative Department of Disaster Risk Management ― DGRED ― to improve the attention and rescue on disaster situations.

Recently, the Fort Lauderdale Fire Department assisted DGRED in the development of activities to improve its emergency response practices; and in October of this year, a delegation from the Medellín Fire Department made a technical visit to its counterpart in Florida.

In addition, an educational agreement focused on design and social sciences activities was signed between the Florida Atlantic University Board of Trustees (FAU) and the National University of Colombia (UN) Medellín, to expand their relations of academic cooperation.

The good relations between Medellín and Fort Lauderdale have allowed the improvement of their air connectivity due to the arrival of US airlines Spirit and Jet Blue to the capital of Antioquia, which have direct flights between both cities.

The twinning agreement

In 1961, Fort Lauderdale issued the resolution 8244 in which Medellin is declared its Sister City. For this reason, the former mayor of Medellín J. Jaime Nicholls (1981-1982), presented the keys of the city to the then mayor of Fort Lauderdale, Virginia Young, extolling the exchange of experiences and the good relationship between both cities.

“This recognition is special for Medellín because it shows the consolidation of relationship that has been growing over the years. The dynamics of this twinning have allowed us to exchange best practices and to develop very positive activities with Fort Lauderdale. I am very about the celebration of Medellín’s day in Fort Lauderdale! I hope there are many more exchange and learning opportunities to come” said the Director of ACI Medellín, Sergio Escobar.

Testimony of the mayor of Medellín

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