Informe de inversión en Medellín

Special report on Investment: 2016, 2017, 2018:

The interest Medellín generates to the world due to its social and urban transformation and constant innovation have become the gateway for entrepreneurs and investors to consider establishing their companies in the territory.

ACI Medellín makes the city-region visible in different scenarios to generate confidence amongst investors. Also, it seeks to aim efforts and initiatives to favor the city’s inhabitants through the generation of employment, the transfer of its best business practices and the improvement of local infrastructure.

The interest Medellín generates to the world due to its social and urban transformation and constant innovation has become the gateway for entrepreneurs and investors to consider establishing their companies in the territory.

During the first three years of this administration, the city has achieved a historical figure in terms of investment: 836.61 million U.S. dollars through companies from Canada, China, Denmark, El Salvador, Spain, the United States, France, Guatemala, Mexico, and Switzerland.

The relationship of ACI Medellín with the companies interested in expanding in the territory has led them to trust in the capacities of the city. In several cases, these companies reinvest their capital. Thus, between 2016 and 2018, 73 investments and reinvestments became a reality, mainly in terms of infrastructure and real estate, manufacturing, industries 4.0, aerospace and life sciences.

This joint work with national and foreign companies in Medellín generates an employment dynamic which benefits the region, improving the business fabric and boosting its installed capacities. This is translated into the creation of 8,911 jobs during these last three years.

Why Medellín? That’s the question the Agency attempts to solve to investors who explore the city as a possible option to expand their business. This strategy seeks a proactive relationship with entrepreneurs in their own territory. Since 2016 to date, 23 events called Why Medellín? have been carried out in Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Chile, Spain, the United States, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Turkey, Uruguay, and Venezuela.



  • Contribution to the settlement of 15 investment projects and foreign reinvestments totaling 211.60 million U.S. dollars. They were possible through the creation of 12 new investments and meant the generation of 3,039 jobs.
  • The leadership of services in information and communication technologies (ICT) and value-added services as large recipients of foreign investment.
  • Realization of six events Why Medellín? in the destinations where opportunities were identified with potential investors. It is worth mention that in 2016 this event was carried out in countries where the agency had not made internationalization management, including Turkey, New Zealand, Australia, and Uruguay.
  • These missions generated relationships with around 200 representatives of companies and organizations who see Colombia as a good opportunity to expand their businesses and that, from now on, have Medellín among their investment options.



  • The attraction of 371.74 million U.S. dollars in investment and a growth of 76% compared to the previous year. This is the highest amount registered in ACI Medellín’s history.
  • 92% of the total investment arriving in the city came from Argentina, Brazil, Canada, China, Denmark, El Salvador, the United States, France, Mexico, the Netherlands, Panama, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, and Uruguay.
  • These investment resources benefited the sectors of agribusiness, services, renewable energy, infrastructure, manufacturing, tourism, industries 4.0, which represented the creation of 2,692 jobs.
  • Constant demand from investors for local talent in the areas such as engineering, architecture, software development, and bilingual personnel for the tourism sector, services and technology.
  • Articulation with countries like Germany, Brazil, Korea, Singapore, and Turkey to share experiences, learn from best practices, attract foreign investment and strengthen new technologies related to the Electric Mobility Ecosystem.
  • In 2017, eight events Why Medellín? were carried out in Argentina, Brazil, the United States, Spain, Mexico, and Venezuela.



  • Strengthening investor confidence in the city with the attraction of 253.28 million U.S. for the establishment of 34 investment and reinvestment projects.
  • 76% of the total investment amount corresponds to new investments of national and foreign companies, and 24% comes from organizations that strengthened their confidence in the city by materializing reinvestments.
  • The largest number of investment projects comes from the United States with 18% of total investments received, followed by France, Spain, Japan, Canada, and Argentina. 15% comes from national investment.
  • Generation of 3,180 new jobs through direct investment, out of which, 866 are the result of reinvestments.
  • The most benefited economic sector was the services sector with more than half of the jobs generated, followed by the infrastructure and real estate sectors.
  • Consolidation of the Why Medellín? Strategy through the accomplishment of nine events in Peru, Chile, the United States, Mexico, and Argentina. This strategy allowed us to contact 268 representatives of organizations who see Medellín as a good opportunity for their expansion plan.


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