Fahad Siddiqui el creador del modelo co-living visitó Medellín

In 2010, Fahad Siddiqui decided to start a business model based on temporary rentals for foreign students. In a short time, this pilot project changed from leasing and buying properties to develop them.

Co-living is a shared-housing trend similar to co-working in which each tenant rents their apartment but shares common spaces such as dining rooms, gyms, and workrooms, among others.

After his success in the U.K., the CEO of Casa Campus, decided to bet on the Latin American market. So, he arrived in Argentina in 2014 and then in Chile. Nowadays, this business serves not only to foreign students, but local and young professionals who pay for a package which includes utilities (water, electricity, etc.), cable, internet, cleaning, and property management.

Based on an international expansion plan, the partner and also founder of Casa Campus is in Colombia to evaluate our country as a possible investment destination. In Medellín, his work agenda included meetings with entities from the public, private, and academic sectors.

“We are here in Medellín to meet with local partners and carry out co-living projects. The city has very interesting audiences for us: students, businessmen, and tourists. Besides, the city is very beautiful,” Siddiqui said.

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