Medellín’s Secretariat of Culture will host the second version of the Art and Culture Market, Expocultura Referentes 2019, between April 25 and 28 at the Botanical Garden Joaquín Antonio Uribe. It will help local artists and cultural managers to project themselves in the national and international scope through the exchange of experiences, processes and business models.

255 artists, 44 of them international, will participate in 134 cultural samples. La Caixa de España and Carulla de Catalunya Foundations headline the guest list.

Guests from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Mexico, the Netherlands, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela along with their Colombian colleagues, elected through public call, will participate in dancing activities, music shows, visual arts, theater, social impact, and audiovisual presentations, as well as business conferences, and the awards ceremony.

This year’s edition highlights the presence of dancer Fernando Montaño, the only Colombian member of the Royal Ballet of London, who will share his knowledge through a workshop at the University of Antioquia.

In the same way, Expocultura 2019 is decorated with the participation of María Concepción Ramírez from the Cultural Festival of San Luis Potosí (Mexico); Natalia Souza from Itaú Cultural (Brazil), Antonella Broglia from the Ashoka Foundation (Spain) and TEDx Europe; and Xavier García Puerto, of the REC International Film Festival of Tarragona (Spain) of the Black Night Film Festival (Estonia).

The Art and Culture Market, Expocultura Referentes 2019, positions Medellín as a city of artists, as well as strengthening its management as a leading city in the Orange Economy in Colombia.

For registration and for more information, click on the link:



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