XII Congreso Mundial Metrópolis

The XII Metropolis World Congress (World Association of the Major Metropolises) was held in Montreal, Canada between June 19 and 22. Its central topic was “Global Challenges: Metropolis in Action.”

Medellín, an active member of the international network, was represented by the ACI Medellín’s Deputy Director of Knowledge Management, Maria Luisa Zapata Trujillo in the panel “Cities in Action: Urban Innovation and Local Implementation of Global Agendas with co-moderators from Berlin (Germany), Surabaya (Indonesia), Brussels (Belgium), Bristol (UK) and Guangzhou (China).

The panel discussed issues related to the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals and the active commitment of the authorities to reach them by the year 2030.The dialogue was developed around lessons learned in urbanism and innovation, and how cities can learn from these processes of change and evolution. In this sense, Medellín highlighted issues related to city transformation, innovation and resilience.

Through ACI Medellín, the capital of Antioquia has been part of Metropolis since 2013. This fact has given the city the possibility to share Medellín’s work on innovation, urban and metropolitan development in different scenarios of the network.

Being a member of Metropolis has allowed Medellín to promote its best government practices, to exchange experiences with other cities, to participate in international events, to access publications and to position its social and urban transformation in the international arena. Which has made it grow as a city and show its good management.

Good news for all municipalities in the metropolitan area is the ratification of the membership of the Metropolitan Area as an active member of the Network by the Metropolis Council.

About Metropolis

Metropolis, (World Association of the Major Metropolises), is a worldwide network of large cities and metropolitan areas, with about 140 members and 30 years of history. Metropolis serves as a node and platform for cities to unite, share and address various local and global issues.

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