Decathlon, the French chain dedicated to sale and distribute sports accessories and equipment, will provide Medellín and the metropolitan area with the most complete inventory and innovative spaces for testing products also referred to as “testing areas.”

In this store, which generated 65 new jobs, visitors will have access to 4,000 m2 of clothing and items for 70 sports and 100 different sports practices. 

The store will have a specialized technology to automatically record every purchase and update inventory in real time. As part of its commitment to the environment, Decathlon will not offer plastic bags to customers.

The company has as the corporate principle of make all its workers know the different positions through job rotation, so there’s no rank distinction in each activity. Therefore, the worker generates a transversal knowledge to understand the business in a comprehensive way.

“To democratize the sport” is one of the main goals ​​of the company.

Decathlon has two stores in Colombia: one in Bogotá and the other in Barranquilla and has plans to open three more stores in the metropolitan area depending on the results in Viva Envigado.

During its installation process, ACI Medellín actively supported Decathlon managers with two city agendas for the recognition of spaces in shopping centers; the relationship with companies in the real estate sector and contacting them with key entities such as INDER, the Secretariat of Economic Development, the Urban Development Company and Inexmoda.

“We have permanently supported the installation of Decathlon. This allowed them to actively explore the local market and access strategic information about the capabilities of the city. We are very happy to achieve the installation of this company which, in addition to generating employment, will promote healthy lifestyles,” said Catalina Restrepo Carvajal, Executive Director of the ACI Medellín.

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