El Comité Estratégico Colombo - Francés se reunió por primera vez en Medellín

The Colombian-French Strategic Committee (CSCF in Spanish) was created in 2015 by the President of Colombia, Juan Manuel Santos and the former President of France, François Hollande and, on January 25, met in Medellín to discuss issues related to the Pacific Alliance, the post-peace agreement and foreign investment. Also, managers of French and Colombian companies presented their projects in both countries.

The event was chaired by the committee chairmen in France and Colombia, respectively, Antoine Frérot, world president of Veolia and Gonzalo Restrepo, former president of Grupo Éxito. Also, it was attended by Gautier Mignot, Ambassador of France in Colombia; Bruce Mac Master, president of ANDI; executives of Colombian companies such as Alquería, Bancolombia, Grupo EPM among others and French companies such as Poma, Thales and Veolia.

During their tour, the attendees visited the metro system, accompanied by ACI Medellín and officers of Metro de Medellín. The tram of Ayacucho and the Metrocable La Sierra, were part of the tour and both were executed with the support of the French Development Agency – AFD.

El Comité Estratégico Colombo - Francés se reunió por primera vez en Medellín

” Medellin has an excellent relationship with the French government and we continue to explore new opportunities for economic development and cooperation for the city. Gathering the presidents of the most important companies in France demonstrates the confidence they have in Medellín and opens the doors to new opportunities for foreign investment ” said Sergio Escobar, Executive Director of ACI Medellín.

The Colombian-French Strategic Committee is an entity which seeks the commercial strengthening between large companies, promoting relations between both countries in specific projects such as global value chains and trade exchanges, the environment and circular economy, sustainable cities, cultural cooperation, health and fight against tropical diseases, and post-conflict.

Testimony of the French Ambassador in Colombia, Gautier Mignot, in Spanish:

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