Changes in Medellín

a Radio Télévision Suisse Special


Radio Télévision Suisse (RTS), a Swiss public broadcasting organisation in the Italian language, has dedicated a special show to Medellín to highlight the progress the city has made in matters of security and social inclusion.

The journalist Emiliano Guanella visited Medellín in August of this year to understand how the city has transformed, mainly in relation to mobility, social inclusion and security. Hand in hand with ACI Medellín ―entity that prepared a large agenda of meetings and interviews with officials of the Secretariat of Security for the journalist― the he had the opportunity to approach initiatives such as the mass transport system, Metro de Medellín and the San Javier Library Park. In these spaces, he interviewed representatives of the Recreando Corporation and the group of Mujeres Caminando por la Verdad.

After his visit, Guanella highlighted the renaissance of Medellín after living a past marked by violence. Also, the journalist highlighted the efforts of the Ministry of Security of Medellín to reduce the homicide rate and restore citizen trust.

On the other hand, he considers the mass transport system as one of the key elements for Medellín’s transformation, since it offers citizens the possibility of moving from one place to another using different means of transport: Metro (train), Metrocable (cable cars), Tram, Metroplús (BRT system), integrated buses and public bicycles. In the same way, he said that the Public Library System provides culture and spaces of quality to its inhabitants, driving them away from violence.

ACI Medellín is the entity in charge of supporting international journalists who visit the city interested in several topics. The work of these professionals allows the world to know firsthand the progress, programs and strategies of the city’s Administration. They support our goal of improving the image of the city abroad through the publication of contents that reflect its resilience and innovation.


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