ATOM Chat, empresa extranjera instalada en Medellín es reconocida como una de las 11 startups más relevantes del mundo

The startup ATOM Chat, with more than a million dollars in annual revenue, was selected among the 11 most relevant startups in the world by the accelerator Techstars.

This company created in 2019 in Panama, has a presence in Medellín since 2020. Its services are focused on providing solutions through conversational chatbots that allow customers to increase sales up to 5 times more. Brands such as Toyota, Ficohsa, Caja de Ahorros, Grupo Unicomer, MetroBank, ASSA, Ford, Grupo Melo and Hyundai, etc, are among the customers satisfied with the services of this startup.

“We visited Medellín for the first time in 2016 and from that moment on we were clear that we wanted to grow the company in this city. It was the perfect place, the perfect weather and the perfect people  to do so. This finally happened in July 2020, when we hired the first person for Customer Success in town. From there, it was a wave of growth that has not stopped yet ”, stated Erick Holmann and René Mouynes, founders of Atom.

Currently, they have a team of 13 people in the city, including the administrative staff and part of the software development team that helps to operate the platform. Likewise, they have more collaborators in Colombia and the world that allow them to continue growing and operating to bring better services to their clients.

Something they admire about Medellín is that the city has known how to run businesses without compromising natural resources, maximizing the advantages that companies have to advance in the construction of an Ecocity and a Software Valley. Likewise, they highlight that, due to its geographical location, Medellín allows it to be in the same time zone as important countries that provide economic development to Colombia, becoming a key point to boost business and be a magnet for them.

Finally, these entrepreneurs make it clear that the most important thing they have found is qualified human talent where technical skills are perfectly mixed with soft skills that allow forming united work teams with high quality standards.

The prestige of this company installed in the territory has been recognized in two publications of the magazine Forbes Centroamérica where it is cataloged as one of the firms with the most projection in the entire region.

Forbes Latam: Forbes Julio-2020 (P. 23)


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