Medellín tendrá Política de Desarrollo Económico para mejorar la calidad de vida

The Mayor of Medellín, Federico Gutiérrez Zuluaga; The President of the Municipal Council, Jesús Aníbal Echeverri, and the Executive President of Medellín’s Chamber of Commerce, Lina Vélez de Nicholls, presented an Economic Development Policy to increase employment rates and improve income levels.

An Economic Development Policy must improve quality of life, increase employment rates and generate opportunities to access education, said mayor, Federico Gutiérrez Zuluaga, who also expects 24,000 companies to be formalized in Medellín in the next four years. During the event, Chile was highlighted as an example for its success in designing and implementing this type of development policies.

In Medellín, three different administrative units have overseen the Economic Development: The Administrative Department of Planning, the Secretary of Social Development and the Secretary of Citizen Culture. But, in 2012, the creation of the Secretary of Economic Development aligned and integrated all efforts in this matter.

After the implementation of this Policy, the Mayor also expects an improvement of the Multidimensional Living Conditions Index, Medellín’s GDP per capita and the GINI index.

Medellín has 48 agreements and municipal decrees related to local economic development issues which need to be integrated into a single public policy to make the more efficient and coordinated.

Audio of the mayor Federico Gutierrez addressing the subject:

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