Texas― last Thursday October 12, the Agency for Cooperation and Investment of Medellín and the Metropolitan Area, ACI Medellín, joined ProColombia and Capital Factory to organize and participate in the panel “Options for Expanding into Latin America” within the Start Up Week in Austin.

Around 50 entrepreneurs attended the event Why Medellín? amongst which are included: Fred Schmidt, Director of International Affairs in Capital Factory; Alejandro Suárez, board member of TX-MX; and Matthew Fiedler, co-founder and CTO of re: 3D printer company from Texas.

The event brought together innovation entrepreneurs from the United States and ACI Medellín showed them the advantages and strengths Medellín has to offer as an option to expand their business in Latin America. Also, journalists interested in knowing the strengths of the city participated in the event.

Paola Caballero, Senior Professional of ACI Medellín said: “Being present in one of the most important events in the United States is an opportunity to show American entrepreneurs not only the process of social transformation the city has been through, but also the advantages and legal, economic and human talent conditions Medellín has and that make it an ideal place to settle their companies.”

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