Revista LINK ACI Medellín

On Thursday, December 14 at 6:30 pm, the Agency for Cooperation and Investment of Medellín and the Metropolitan Area will launch the latest issue of Link Magazine and the international cooperation video of the city in the Duque Arango Gallery.

The magazine reports on the development of Medellín in terms of international cooperation and foreign investment over the 15 years of ACI Medellín’s existence.

The event is called Link Magazine “15 years – 15 stories” and is an opportunity to share a space in which ACI Medellín accounts for the results of its 15 years of management. This issue gathers the statements of 15 characters that have influenced the creation, development and growth of the Agency.

It starts with a statement of its founder, then, goes through the entities that make up the Board of Directors of the Agency, the Mayor of Medellin, the City Council, the beneficiaries of international cooperation, international networks, foreign investors, local businessmen and the processes of South-South cooperation in which Medellín is now the main character. This issue also shows a compendium of activities and processes which today make ACI Medellín a leading institution at the national level in terms of internationalization.

In the same event, the international cooperation video of Medellín will be presented. It shows the development proposals the city has implemented with the help of the governments and international institutions.

There will be a special space for the attention to journalists interested in expanding information.

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