We celebrate ProColombia’s 25th anniversary, an entity that promotes the exports and services of Colombian companies in potential markets. Also, it promotes the attraction of foreign direct investment to Colombia and works to position the country as a tourist and business destination.

ProColombia is a strategic ally of ACI Medellín. Both agencies have work together in the international promotion of Medellín as an investment destination, through international agendas, hosting the event Why Medellín? and tracking investment opportunities.

The celebration will take place this December 6 at the Teatro México in Bogotá. It will be attended by the President of the Republic, Juan Manuel Santos; the Minister of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, María Lorena Gutiérrez; the President of ProColombia, Felipe Jaramillo, businessmen and media.

During the day, the challenges and results of the promotion work led by the organization will be discussed. “This year, we met all our goals: US $ 3.8 billion of foreign investment; US $ 2.9 billion in non-mining exports and more than US $ 2.5 billion will enter the country due to tourism, thanks to the management with the companies in the sector,” said Felipe Jaramillo, president of ProColombia.

For every dollar invested in the promotion of non-mining exports, the return for the country is 123 times higher and, in the case of foreign investment, 264. “It has been 25 years of constant evolution along with Colombia. Today, in a country that opens up to the world for business and tourism and offers new opportunities, we are the best ally to entrepreneurs in their growth processes ” added Jaramillo.

In terms of foreign investment attraction, during 2017, ProColombia supported the arrival of 130 new projects from 29 countries such as: Germany, the United States, South Korea, India and Singapore. They represent a total of US $ 3,8 billion. a 20% higher result of that registered in 2016. The initiatives estimate to generate 26,297 jobs according to employers.

In terms of exports, more than two thousand companies from 23 departments have reported business for more than US $ 2,9 billion, with 4 thousand buyers from 113 markets as a result of the accompaniment of ProColombia. This exceeds by 26% the figures registered in 2016.

In tourism more than US $ 2,5 billion are estimated to enter the country by the expense of tourists due to the management of ProColombia with companies in the sector. As a result of the post-conflict, the entity passed from promoting 18 departments to 27, including regions such as Caquetá, Putumayo, Vichada, Guaviare and Guainía.


Evolution of ProColombia


  • 1991 Law 7 of 1991. It regulates the foreign trade of the country. The Ministry of Foreign Trade is created through this law. Proexport is created through Decree 2505 of 1991.
  • 1992 Proexport is officially born with the objective of promoting Colombian exports in international markets.
  • 1997 Proexport hosts the first business round in Cartagena with buyers from the United States.
  • 2000 Intelexport is launched – a tool that allowed consulting foreign trade information and market studies online.
  • 2000 The Expopyme program is born in partnership with the universities. It aims to accompany the companies in designing their export plan.
  • 2002 20 foreign trade information and advisory centers – Zeiky – are created with the help of chambers of commerce and regional organizations.
  • 2003 A new model of business facilitation and CRM is implemented. Also, the ‘maleteros’ are born, officials who go out looking for market opportunities and information for Colombian businessmen.
  • 2003 Proexport holds the first large-scale business round table abroad (Peru).
  • 2004 Proexport gets in charge of the international promotion of tourism by presidential mandate.
  • 2005 Proexport is entrusted with the promotion of Colombia as a destination for direct foreign investment.
  • 2005 The country brand “Colombia is passion” is born.
  • 2006 Proexport carries out the first large-scale tourism round table.
  • 2007 Cruise Companies such as Royal Caribbean and Princess Cruise, return to the country with the help of Proexport.
  • 2007 Launch of the campaign ‘Colombia, the risk is that you want to stay.’
  • 2008 Synergies with the Trade, Industry and Tourism sector: alignment of the Ministry and related and affiliated entities.
  • 2011 A joint promotion with homologous organizations such as ProChile begin.
  • 2011 The presence in Asia is strengthened.
  • 2012 The country brand CO is launched as the new strategy to position the image of Colombia in the world, with the communication campaign ‘Colombia is the answer.’
  • 2013 The accompaniment to entrepreneurs who want to expand in international markets starts – Colombian investment abroad.
  • 2013 The presence in the different regions is strengthened to identify the supply with export potential – Zeiky migrates to Information Centers.
  • 2013 Launch of the tourism campaign ‘Colombia is Magical Realism’.
  • 2013 The first sustainability report of the organization is published, a pioneer in Latin America as TPO.
  • 2014 Proexport evolves into ProColombia as a result of the progressive increase in functions and results.
  • 2014 The first mega-event is held – the 50th Business Large-Scale Roundtable, with more than 900 international buyers, and an investment business round.
  • 2014 In conjunction with the MINTIC and ProColombia, the Colombia Bring IT On campaign was born to boost exports of software and IT services.
  • 2016 ProColombia is reorganized, establishing a leadership focused on people and innovation.

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