The World Bank advised ACI Medellín in the development of new methodologies for knowledge management, reception of international delegations and the design of new investment and cooperation projects.

ACI Medellín implemented the methodologies and lessons learned from the World Bank in the Medellin Lab, held from May 29 to June 2.

In 2015, ACI Medellín participated in the II Conference of Knowledge Hubs in Seoul, Korea, it was there where the opportunity to work with the World Bank was born. The Agency would receive support and advice through a program called Organizational Knowledge Exchange Sharing, OKS.

ACI Medellín has improved its capacity to share and exchange knowledge with other governments by implementing the methodologies provided by the Bank. Its goal is to develop programs and projects that strengthen its management and allow a significant impact on the quality of life of Medellín’s inhabitants. The comprehensive model of local management of security and coexistence is one of the outcomes from this works and is made up by 6 key elements:

– Shared leadership between the public and the private (alliances).

– Social innovation.

– Resilience.

– Sense of belonging.

– Involvement of communities.

– Continuity of city programs and projects.


The acquired knowledge helped ACI Medellín to set up the Medellín Lab. It is a laboratory of city experiences in which participants can witness the reality of Medellín, its social and physical transformation through activities and visits to various places.

One of the results of this first laboratory is the knowledge provided to leaders and representatives of international governments, which will be applied it in their territories.

“During the Medellín Lab, the city became a laboratory of experiences linked to the recovery and evolution of the community, to its resilient capacity. That is the essence of this laboratory, the creation of opportunities to share and experience the reality of Medellín” said Sergio Escobar, CEO of ACI Medellín.

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