Accenture opened its new center located in the Ruta N complex in Medellín. The company will work with different costumers from different sectors such as finance, telecommunications, consumer goods, natural resources and energy. Also, they will use cutting edge technologies and smart tools to help customers seize opportunities, enter new markets and increase the speed of commercialization.

As part of a global network, the Advanced Technology Center will be made up by expert professionals and new university talents in: software development, consulting, technical specialists, data scientists and experts in artificial intelligence. Accenture plans to generate, this year, about 500 jobs for the Center and for its other operations in Colombia.

ACI Medellín supported its installation process by articulating it with universities, allies and local authorities; and provided them with legal, tax and sectoral guidance. “We are very pleased for Accenture’s arriving in Medellín. Being part of the installation process of this new Advanced Technology Center is a great achievement since it generates quality employment opportunities,” said Catalina Restrepo Carvajal, Executive Director of ACI Medellín.

“There is a lot of technological talent in Medellín, and we are pleased to offer IT professionals the opportunity to develop their careers in Accenture. Those who join our team will have access to the latest technology and will receive training for personal and professional development opportunities. They will also expand their commercial, industrial, technical and leadership skills, “ said Marco Ribas, president of Accenture in Colombia during the opening on July 18 in Ruta N.

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