Amaris, a leading international consulting company opened its offices in the Ruta N Innovation District. Settling in Medellín will allow them to expand their services and consolidate their presence in the region. The innovative environment offered by the city and its strategic geographic location will support Amaris’ other offices in the provision of recruitment services, human resources, administration, finance and technical support.

A joint work between ACI Medellín and Procolombia, managed to consolidate the presence of this company in the country. Amaris expects to expand its presence in Colombia and South America with its offices in Bogota and Medellín.

“Ruta N offered us a pleasant work environment. Thanks to other companies in the district, we are surrounded by an innovative and challenging environment. We are constantly interacting with the members of other foreign companies in Ruta N’s business ecosystem which had been settled here for months or even years. This as an excellent opportunity to benefit from their knowledge of the Colombian market,” said Sara Mondragón, Platform Manager in Amaris Medellin.

Likewise, for Amaris International, Medellín has a strategic location at the ideal distance from its other offices in the region, with easy access and connection to its headquarters in Europe.

“Before making this decision, we made a deep analysis of the environment and the quality of life in Latin America. Medellín was the best decision related to cost, safety, quality of life, institutional support and human talent, ” explained Mondragón.

Amaris is an international consulting group specialized in technology and management, founded in 2007.It has 65 offices in more than 50 countries and supports 700 companies around the world. It offers five advisory lines: Business and Administration, IT / IS, Telecommunications, Engineering and High Technology, Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical. The company’s turnover is 187 million Euros. Its goal for 2018 is to reach 5,000 employees staff and to ratify itself as a world leader in independent consulting.

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