Cafe de Colombia

The National Federation of Coffee Growers’ 90 birthday is a milestone for the history of Antioquia and Colombia. Our department produces an excellent export coffee consumed by millions of people around the world. Its characteristic flavor and aroma put it on the top as a unique product.

Thousands of coffee families committed to delivering the best coffee in the world are behind this production process.

This is the opportunity to congratulate the National Federation of Coffee Growers, founded in Medellín on June 27, 1927, for its 90 years of service and the dissemination of the coffee culture. Its work has been decisive for the economic development of Colombia.

“ACI Medellín has supported the Federation and today, congratulate it for its 90 years. We praise the First World Forum of Coffee Producers, which we perceive as a terrific opportunity to open spaces for dialogue around fundamental issues for the coffee sector, such as: sustainable production, environmental impact and social development of coffee families,” said Sergio Escobar, ACI Medellín’s CEO.

Congratulations, National Federation of Coffee Growers!

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