Papa en Medellín

The visit of Pope Francis is part of a tour around four cities in Colombia – Bogotá, Villavicencio, Cartagena and Medellín, which will take place between September 6 and 10.

This is the third time a Pope steps on Colombian soil. The first was Paul VI on 1968 and the second was John Paul II on 1986.

Thousands of believing Catholics from countries like Panama, Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela, Mexico, El Salvador and the United States are expected to arrive in the city.

It has been 31 years after the last time a Supreme Pontiff visited Medellín. The next time will be on Saturday, September 9 when Francisco – first Latin American Pope, arrives in the city.

The Pope will send a message of strength and transformation from a city that used to live in fear and violence but, today, has moved on from that violent past and is currently working to grow. The presence of Pope Francis in Medellín makes the world sees us as a growing and transforming city.

The Pope’s visit will leave an economic revenue of about 22 million dollars and a hotel occupancy of 90%. Also 3,500 international journalists are expected to cover this event internationally.

“Pope Francis’ visit to Medellín represents a step forward in the city’s internationalization. No doubt, thousands of visitors from all over the world will arrive in Medellín to see him, this is an opportunity for the inhabitants show how beautiful this city is; how hard workers and kind are they.” Said Sergio Escobar, CEO ACI Medellín.

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