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What is the Agency for Cooperation and Investment of Medellín and the Metropolitan Area- ACI Medellín?

The Agency for Cooperation and Investment of Medellín -ACI Medellín- is a public entity in charge of searching around the world for different organizations and allies that contribute to the development of the city and the region through international cooperation and direct foreign investment. In terms of cooperation, ACI Medellín has managed more than USD 83.5 million since 2002; has built a large network of international allies and has actively promoted South-South cooperation around the best local practices. In addition, ACI Medellín is the only decentralized cooperation agency in the country.Regarding foreign direct investment, ACI Medellín’s management has helped important international companies to settle in Medellín, such as Holcim, Algar, UPS, Blokwise , Avianca, among others.The amount of investment managed since 2008 is 1.6 Billion USD.

ACI Medellín work fronts

Since 2002, ACI Medellín has been a key player in the internationalization process of the city. It has contributed to the development of the territory through the establishment of strategic international relations, facilitating arrival of international cooperation resources and both, local and foreign investment to the city and the region.

International Cooperation in Medellín

ACI Medellín has not only focused its work on international cooperation and direct foreign investment for the city, it has also accompanied the Municipal Government and its strategic partners in the development of an extensive international allies’ network to positively impact local and regional development processes, generating sustainability and networking among public and private actors.

Medellín found the possibility of transcending towards the offer of decentralized technical cooperation as a result of the urban and social interventions in vulnerable areas. Thus, giving birth to the projection area of the city in 2009. The main objective of the projection area is to position Medellín in the international arena by disseminating and promoting its best practices among strategic actors, creating a south-south cooperation strategy, the coordination and execution of national and international work agendas, the participation in international events and submitting the city’s strategic programs and projects to international awards.

Results of International Cooperation in Medellín

International Cooperation in million USD (2004-2016)


Gestión de cooperación internacional en Medellín

Medellín's most important international allies

Percentage of cooperation amount per country – Top 20 (2008-2016)

ACI Medellín's Foreign Direct Investment attraction strategy

Medellín’s FDI attraction strategy focuses on several fronts. On the one hand, promoting the city as an investment destination, positioning a value proposal in which the competitive conditions of Medellín and Antioquia stand out. Another front is to support foreign companies interested in developing their projects in the city. Additionally, the Agency works on the initiatives developed by the city to improve its economic competitiveness and its attractiveness as a destination for living and doing business.

Through the attraction of foreign investment, ACI Medellín seeks to contribute to the strengthening of initiatives in economic development which enrich and diversify the current offer of the city, such as:

  • Cluster community
  • The Assembly Network
  • Film Commission
  • Aerospace Cluster
  • Public-Private Partnerships
  • Innovation District
How much Foreign Direct Investment -IED- has arrived in Medellín?

Investment amounts reported per year (2008-2016)


Gestión de Inversion extranjera en Medellín

Which cities Medellín has twinning agreements with?

Argentina: Municipality of Rosario, Avellaneda. Bolivia: Santa Cruz de la Sierra, El Alto in La Paz Department. Chile: Concepción. China: Harbin. Colombia: Armenia. North Korea: Jamjung. Ecuador: Metropolitan District of Quito, Santo Domingo de los Colorados. Spain: Zaragoza, Bilbao. U.S.: Fort Lauderdale, Boston. Mexico: Monterrey. Panama: Panama City. Uruguay: Tuacuarembó

What are the areas of work in international cooperation?

ACI Medellín facilitates cooperation and investment partnerships to benefit the initiatives prioritized in the Development Plan 2016 – 2019: Medellín, counts on you. In a collaborative work with the technical units, ACI Medellín determines the priorities and work approaches.

Once the priorities are established, ACI Medellín constantly analyses the international context; identifying scholarships, calls, events, awards, networks and other mechanisms that support the needs of the Mayor’s Office.

When the Mayor’s Office is interested in any opportunity, the agency directs its management and processes of consolidation, relationship and cooperation attraction in the following areas:

  • Urban security, peace and coexistence
  • Social development
  • Education and culture
  • Economic development, Medellín city of knowledge and innovation
  • Urban development and sustainability



Services provided by ACI Medellín to investors

ACI Medellín encourages foreign direct investment based on the implementation of strategies and offering services to potential investors:

  • Articulation and relationship with public entities (Secretariats and decentralized entities), academic entities (Universities) and guild associations (chambers of commerce, clusters) to strengthen their productive operation in the city.
  • Articulation and relationship with law firms, accountants, human talent agencies for the proper constitution of the company and obtaining capital for its operation.
  • Advising on costs, legal issues and taxes to properly accompany the establishment of the investment.
  • Accompaniment during the processes of arrival and permanence in the city to support their constant relationship with our allies.
  • Constantly monitoring the international potential investors whom consider Latin America a suitable territory for their projects, contacting them with local companies and showing the opportunities offered by the city.
  • Relationship with Commercial Offices of Embassies which promote the arrival of investment in the country.
  • Implementation of international events to promote investment in potential investment markets of the city.



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