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ACI Medellín is the outcome of an assosiation between the Mayor of Medellín, EPM, the Metropolitan Area of Aburá Valley and EMVARIAS. Since its creation on 2002, it has become the key actor in the internationalization process which , in turn, develops the territory by creating strategic international relations. This allows the city and the region to access international cooperation resources and, also, facilitates the arrival of local and international investors.

Grupo Humano ACI Medellín

In 2001, through agreement No.73, the Medellín City Council authorized the Mayor to create an institution to attract international cooperation. Hence, on June 19, 2002, and in accordance with article 95 of Law 489 of 1998, the Agency for International Cooperation of Medellín (A.C.I.) was created. It is a result of a partnership between public entities: Medellín Mayor’s Office, Empresas Públicas de Medellín (EPM), Metropolitan Area of ​​the Valley of Aburrá and Empresas Varias de Medellín.


In 2004, ACI became increasingly important due to its inclusion on the Fifth line of Development Plan for 2004-2007: “Medellín Integrated with the region and the world.” It set the parameters to effectively implement the internationalization process of the city. Therefore, the City Council provided better conditions and increased the budget for the entity to advance its strategic management.


After the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) advised the city in 2006, it was determined that ACI also will be responsible for attracting foreign direct investment resources to the city.


On March 7, 2007, the entity changed its name to Agency for Cooperation and Investment of Medellín and the Metropolitan Area – ACI- to denote in its corporate name, its role and the territory it works for.


That same year, ACI certified all its processes under the ISO 9001 and NTCGP1000, certifications that have been ratified ever since.


In 2009, due to the increasing interest of personalities and institutions in the city, ACI began to promote the transformation of Medellín and its best practices as a strategic action to stretch and strengthen international relations which are key to position the city as a model of public administration.


In 2010, ACI commits to position itself by making public its contribution to the development of the city and the metropolitan region. To do so, it gathered the communication actions in a new area that disseminates abroad the advances and successes of Medellín’s development and positions it as the ideal venue for business, academic or political events of international interest.


In 2013, ACI changed its organizational structure after a strategic planning and in 2014 started working divided in processes: Projects and Value Proposals, Knowledge Management, Local and International Relations, Administrative Relations and Positioning.


In 2016, the word Medellín was included to the name and logo, becoming ACI Medellín. In 2017 and after years of working to benefit the social and economic development of the city, ACI Medellín is a key player in the internationalization process of Medellín and the region. It establishes and strengthens strategic international relations that leverage the consolidation of a new and positive image, facilitate access to international cooperation resources and encourage the business and investment flows into the entire territory of Antioquia.


Also, we have signed an agreement with the World Bank so that Medellín becomes that node of knowledge at Latin American level through the ACI Medellín.

Medellín 2004
Historia de la ACI Medellín



Aportar al mejoramiento de la calidad de vida de la comunidad desde el desarrollo económico y social de Medellín y la región, mediante la articulación de actores nacionales e internacionales con los cuales se consolidan alianzas de cooperación e inversión.



“Ser actor infaltable en la definición y materialización de las estrategias de desarrollo económico y social de Medellín y la región”.

    • To ensure that 90 local, national and international governments see Medellín and the Region as potential territories to establish diplomatic relations for cooperation and investment.


    • To position ACI Medellín as a Best Public Practice that must be recognized at the national and international level and deliver strategic information to stakeholders.
    • To install 90 companies in Medellín and the Region, 1 per sub region, that allow the economic strengthening and the generation of qualified employment in every territory.


    • To establish 50 cooperation alliances that allow the consolidation of the development commitments in: Security and coexistence, Governance and institutional strengthening, peace building, education & culture, environment, entrepreneurship and innovation.


    • To define 10 triangular cooperation alliances that position Medellín as a South – South cooperation benchmark.


    • To consolidate a dynamic information system that supports the optimal results of the organization’s processes and that allows us to consolidate cooperation and investment opportunities for all the territory of Antioquia.


    • To have an economic and social development Think Tank that contribute to the consolidation of Medellín Laboratory as a tool for the transfer of best practices in Latin America.


    • To install 10 innovation centers in the city that allow the economic strengthening and the generation of qualified employment.

The document is available to download and defines the rules and guidelines that determine the conduct of professionals and collaborators acting on behalf of the Agency for Cooperation and Investment of Medellín and the Metropolitan Area- ACI Medellín. Therefore, it is created as a reference of the exercise of ACI Medellín’s administrative function. Explicit declarations are determined on it. They are related with the conduct of the professionals and collaborators and were agreed in a participatory manner to achieve the Entity’s purposes under the framework of the principles enshrined in the Political Constitution, law and the social purpose of the State.

Every ACI Medellín’s public servant or collaborator must know them, identify them and commit themselves to their compliance. They define the entity’s management framework, allow the decision-making process and the actions that contribute to the fulfillment of its mission, vision and objectives. It is a clear and precise set of ground rules, that allow our management to be transparent and to generate credibility and trust in the Department’s stakeholder groups

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In order to inform our allies, we are preparing the Functions Manual and the Professional Skills Manual. They are established for the permanent officials and contractors of the Agency for Cooperation and Investment of Medellín and the Metropolitan Area- ACI Medellín -.

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Executive Comittee

Director ACI Medellín

Sergio Escobar

Executive Director
Subdirectora ACI Medellín

Astrid Álvarez

Deputy Director of Administrative Relations
ACI Medellín

Sandra Milena Ospina D’Alleman

Deputy Director of Communications