Tres expresidentes de América Latina se dieron cita en la ACI Medellín

Former presidents of Bolivia, Uruguay and Guatemala visited ACI Medellín to expand their knowledge on investment and cooperation in Medellín.

The three former leaders described ACI Medellín as an innovative institution and a model to be replicated in other countries around the continent.

ACI Medellín told the former presidents of Guatemala, Álvaro Colom Ceballos; Bolivia, Carlos D. Mesa Gisbert and Uruguay, Luis Alberto Lacalle its mission and functions. They had the opportunity to ask and learn about the strategic projects of the current municipal administration like the Strategic Plan of the City Center and the construction of the tram of the 80th avenue.

Subsequently, they continued their tour around the city: Starting on the Metro, Ayacucho’s Tramway and the Metrocable Line H to Villa Sierra station. This, brought them closer to the physical interventions of the city. They spoke with the people and understood the impact of these works in the life and development of Medellín.

“I know Medellín since 1994 and today, I found a city totally transformed, evolved and modern. I was impressed by the intervention in the upper parts of the city, the Metro and the cable cars. It is a living city that is going through a transformation process; Also, it is an example to other cities in political and community leadership,” said Álvaro Colom Ceballos, former President of Guatemala.

“Medellín is like the ‘city of the future’ ” because it works for being civilized, productive, modern and safe. I am very happy for having visited the city and I would love that my country and Montevideo were enthusiastic to learn from Medellín,” said Luis Alberto Lacalle, former President of Uruguay.

“Perhaps the most appropriate word for Medellín is ‘kind.’ It is a city will receive you with such spirit and such warmth. Medellín is a city that shows itself as an international example, a friendly city that grows by understanding the fundamental needs of its people,” said former President of Bolivia, Carlos D. Mesa Gisbert.

“It is an honor for ACI Medellín to receive the three former presidents, and to share with them its concept of the city under the light of the Latin American reality and what is happening in their respective countries. A very enriching experience that gives us a different vision from each of their points of view and leadership.” said Sergio Escobar, CEO of ACI Medellín.

The former presidents arrived in the city at the invitation of the Council of Medellín to participate in the “National Meeting of Councilors” held on Monday, August 14 and where each one presented a paper from his experience as Presidents.

Expresidentes de Uruguay, Guatemala y Bolivia
Former Presidents with the ACI Medellín’s management team.

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