Medellín receives international recognition in Lyon, France

Medellín receives international recognition in Lyon, France

During the ceremony, ACI Medellín presented the social and urban transformation of the city, and the work developed by the Agency in relation to promoting cooperation and good governmental practices.

Medellín was awarded in the category of "Social Innovation and Territorial Resilience" after the good results it has obtained through innovative urban and social transformation policies. Diagnostic practices, establishment of committees, identification of priorities, and effective co-construction with its residents, permitted Medellín to be recognized by "The Place Marketing" along with other important cities such as London, Oslo and Toronto.

"This recognition is the result of the constant and transformative process that Medellín has experienced, and it highlights the ability of a city and its people to respond to the challenges imposed by our reality. One of the aspects highlighted by the organizers of the event is resilience as a transforming and effective force to regain confidence and alter our environment," said Carlos Álvarez, Deputy Director of Local and International Relations of ACI Medellín. 

The award received by the city constitutes as a strategic instrument that contributes to the positioning of Medellín and the region in the international context by promoting and disseminating the lessons learned in different themes. The recognition given by the experts of Marketing Place Forum praised the renovation of Medellín during the last 30 years, thanks to its promotion of cooperation and positioning of good governmental practices.