Medellín Shares Its Experience on Sustainable Urban Development with the World

Medellín Shares Its Experience on Sustainable Urban Development with the World

The event is held every 20 years and this time, Medellín will contribute with its expertise on the development of the New Urban Agenda that promotes more inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable cities.

The mayor of Medellín, Federico Gutiérrez Zuluaga, will attend the third UN Conference on Housing and Sustainable Urban Development, to be held in Quito, Ecuador, from October 15 to 20 . ACI Medellín has coordinated the work agenda for the Mayor during his stay in Quito.

In this third edition of the Conference,which is held every 20 years, Medellín will share its best practices and all the challenges surrounding sustainable development with the attending cities.Medellín will participate in the Assembly of Mayors and in the sessions on urban mobility, inclusive growth of cities and innovation.

"Habitat III will mark the route to be followed for the next 20 years and the commitments we will assume to do so ; and thus we make real cities for people.That's what we want for our city , "said mayor Gutiérrez.

In addition, mayor Gutiérrez will participate in a press conference organized by the Mayor of Quito. He will present the Metro system, focusing on Metrocable as a mobility reference to the Ecuadorian capital, given that Quito Cables Project is currently on implementation.

"The Metrocable is and has been a transforming agent that has improved the quality of life for the inhabitants by providing a convenient, secure, agile, economic service and it also is an example for Latin America, " said the mayor of Quito, Mauricio Rodas Espinel.

The Metro of Medellín and the Metropolitan Area of the Aburrá Valley will receive the Mobiprize award (announced in 2015) for the innovation and integrity of the Metro system and the EnCicla program.The award ceremony will take place on Monday, October 17 at 4:30 p.m. In the auditorium of civil engineering at the Catholic University of Ecuador.

Informative Context

Habitat III is one of the first major global conferences to be held after the adoption of the Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development and its objectives. It is an opportunity to discuss how cities, towns and villages should be planned and managed in order to fulfill their role as engines of sustainable development.

Its first two editions were held in Vancouver (Canada, 1976) and Istanbul (Turkey, 1996).

The New Urban Agenda promotes concepts and guidelines for cities to become more inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable.It promotes the urban densification, rather than extending the perimeter of cities; the mixed land use, instead of zoning; the preservation of landscapes, natural resources and public spaces for everyone.