WAITRO Congress Concluded Successfully in Medellín

WAITRO Congress Concluded Successfully in Medellín

Dr. Rohani Hashim, from the general secretariat of WAITRO, highlighted the quality of the conferences, the event's organization and the good attendance in WAITRO 2016.

The XXIII Congress of the World Association of Industrial and Technological Research Organizations - WAITRO, is the major international event hosted by the Centre for Research and Technological Development of the Electrical Sector (CIDET in Spanish). This event was designed to promote opportunities for international collaboration and knowledge and experiences exchange between the R+D+i centres, the industry, governments and communities.

For the executive director of CIDET, Carlos Ariel Naranjo, "the XXIII Congress met all the objectives we had to bring leaders and experts on Public Policies for Innovation and Management of Technological Innovation to address the different issues that lie ahead in the global arena. I think the city was given two great rewards: first, the transfer of knowledge in the fields of research, technology and innovation. Second, I believe that we have new people in-love with the city and became ambassadors of Medellín, since many of the international guests did not know our city, and that is also very important for us."

Regarding CIDET's prospects as members of WAITRO, Naranjo said "we will continue working on these events, which allows us to position, to show the city the trends and also to observe how what we are doing in the CIDET and in the ecosystem ​​is closely aligned with reality worldwide."

Dr. Raghunath Mashelkar (India), one of the world's eminences on Public-Private Partnerships and Inclusive Innovation issues, stated: "the realization of WAITRO in Medellín, first time in Colombia, was very good. CIDET and its team did a fabulous job to meet the needs of an international audience. I am personally very satisfied with the achievements."

"The Congress leaves many learnings and very good news for the city, including inclusive innovation, public - private partnerships 2.0, how to work to involve the ordinary citizen in the innovation process, how to establish an assertive connection between the government and the enterprises to bust the innovative system allowing a considerable level of acceleration. The awards and recognitions obtained by the different actors of the entrepreneurship ecosystem of Medellín in WAITRO 2016, show that we are acting properly in the city. A sample of an excellent public-private partnership is the joint work of the CTA and the Mayor's Office of Medellín," said with great satisfaction the director of Innovation of CIDET Colombia, Ruben Dario Cruz Rodriguez, who organized this event.                                                                              

The next meeting of this academic event held every two years will be on 2018, probably in Malaysia.



WAITRO is the leading global network of research and technology organizations that promotes collaboration and transfer of knowledge for sustainable development, regarding the great social challenges among Technological Development Centers (CDTs) from developed and developing countries. WAITRO has about 180 members from more than 80 countries.

It was established in 1970 under the auspices of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization, UNIDO ( as an independent, non-governmental and non-profit organization. WAITRO has a special consultative status with the United Nations and its specialized agencies such as UNESCO, ECOSOC, etc.( see

 WAITRO has a traveling Secretariat which is why it has had British Columbia Research (Canada), TNO (Netherlands), DTI (Denmark) and, today, SIRIM Berhad (Malaysia) as headquarters. Among its most important members may be mentioned FRAUNHOFER (Germany), LEITAT (Spain), IVL (Sweden), ASTER (Italy), GTS (Denmark), etc., all ready to work with R + D + i in countries developing through WAITRO programs sponsored by promotion and industry organizations worldwide.



 This event is organized by the CIDET (Center for Research and Technological Development of the Electrical Sector, as a member of WAITRO. Currently, it has a spot on its Board of Directors representing Latin America and the Caribbean. Medellín was appointed by WAITRO's General Assembly as the host of the 23rd Biennial Congress WAITRO. CIDET was established in 1995 and was organized as a private nonprofit corporation, to act as the instrument of the Colombian electricity industry that turns quality and innovation into competitiveness for companies in the sector. CIDET collaboratively develops assets with the potential to generate income / value for companies in the Colombian industry. This is done through interventions supported on its own offer of technological services, laboratories and industry knowledge/markets, which constantly and systematically improve the capabilities of the electricity sector to innovate.


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