Citizens of the World Meet in Medellín to Build Low Carbon Cities

Citizens of the World Meet in Medellín to Build Low Carbon Cities

The Global Forum on Low Carbon Cities will be held in the capital of Antioquia from October 10 to 12 this year.

Medellín will host the Global Forum on Low Carbon Cities, which during three days will carry out activities for the construction of a multi-sectoral and multi-stakeholder roadmap to build Low Carbon Cities. "After signing the Paris Agreement, in which nations pledged to manage the transition to a low carbon economy, it was time to bring these commitments to the territory. We need governments, businesses and citizens to joint efforts to reduce our emissions and build climatically smart cities," said Juliana Gutierrez, coordinator of the event.

The Forum is led by the center of citizen thinking, La Ciudad Verde - The Green City- . Also, it is part of the Low Carbon Cities project, which aims to promote social mobilization for the collective construction of Low Carbon Cities. For this purpose, strategies of awareness, communications, training and promotion of urban innovations (in different sectors such as energy, transportation, construction, industry and waste) are implemented. Thus, generating tools of participation and ownership for citizens and the public and private sectors.

This initiative is expected to involve 3,000 participants (citizens, government officials, academics, businessmen and urban world leaders), 100 speakers from 30 countries and more than 60 free cultural and academic activities with prior registration. Some of the scheduled activities are: outdoor screenings of the documentaries "This changes everything" and "Demain" (Tomorrow); workshops on urban vertical agriculture and calculating the individual carbon footprint; talks about the urban agenda for climate change; and tactical urbanism interventions in La Playa Avenue (construction of urban gardens and art activities to raise awareness among citizens).

Given the importance of the event, the Mayor's Office of Medellín, the Metropolitan Area of ​​the Aburrá Valley and the ACI Medellín, among other local, national and international actors, linked to this civic initiative in line with the commitment of the Development Plan 2016 - 2019 "Medellín Counts on You" and its dimensions: sustainable mobility, a task for everyone; United for the center and our territory; A commitment of the city to take care of the environment.

"By joining in this civic initiative we want to promote a local and international agenda in which the all the inhabitants of the territory contribute not only to sustainability in how we move but also to improved air quality. Thus, it becomes strategic to participate in this event, being responsible in the way it should be developed, and obviously proposing it as an integral commitment that must be developed over the years," said Juan Camilo Gomez, Manager of Human Mobility, a dependence of the Ministry of Mobility of Medellín.

ACI Medellín considers this event, in large part, a challenge for the city to be sustainable over time. "We join this initiative aware that this issue should work not only on the international scale where it is perhaps one of the most important discussions for its impact, but it must be landed to the city and the citizens as a local challenge. We must learn a lot from it and teach other cities the path we have been through. It is a win-win deal for sustainability and development," said the executive director of the ACI Medellín, Sergio Escobar. 

Why in Medellín?

Medellín has established itself as an important reference worldwide for developing scalable projects in terms of sustainability. Also, the city has a network of citizens committed for the city to achieve a development with low emissions. These elements are an important capital to mobilize derivative Forum, a new dynamic city which materializes in an international network to share with cities that also have the same challenges of Medellín and work to find common solutions to these challenges world.